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What's your
Net Meeting Score?

There are probably a lot of metrics in your work life already, and we're conscious of how important it is to focus on the few that matter. We think this is one of them.

Net Meeting Score (NMS™) is a quantitative way to understand the effectiveness of your meetings. It's simple to calculate, yet tremendously insightful.

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Unpacking the score

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An NMS of > 70 is world class. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Between an NMS of 40 and 70, meetings are generally good, with some tangible ways to be better.

A Net Meeting Score of < 40 represents a meeting that needs significant improvement.


Doing the math

Contributors to NMS

  • +

    people who felt good about the meeting

  • +

    everyone participating

Detractors from NMS

  • -

    people who felt ambivalent or worse about the meeting

  • -

    not everyone receiving airtime

  • -

    instances of people speaking over each other


Seeing the value

Individual Net Meeting Scores are powerful standalone, but unlock further value when trended over time and benchmarked to industry. From all this, you can not only understand how your time is being spent, but also capture meaningful areas of improvement.

Ready to measure your NMS?